Casio G-Shock – Watches That You Should Have


Time is money. This phrase means that every second in your life can be used to earn something valuable, like money. However, the same phrase could also mean that your time is expensive, especially if you buy the toughest men watches in the planet. Casio G-Shock is the maker of the g shock mens watches, the toughest watches in the world. The watches are pretty expensive but when you get all the best things and the toughness, the price you paid was very cheap. There are no other watches could compete the G-Shock in the durability and the ability to adapt to extreme conditions and temperature. The G-Shock Men’s Watches were released for the first time in 1983 and they were tested in extreme condition. The designer of the watches wanted his products survived during conditions where other watches didn’t survive. If you don’t believe that  the watches can be used in extreme condition, buy and prove it yourself.

It is Strong, Tough and Durable

To help you believe that these g shock mens watches are the watches you should have. Any G-Shock watch has three fundamentals design principles that can make you shocked and amazed. The first fundamental principle is that the G-Shock watches should be able to withstand a 100 meter fall. It means when you drop the G-Shock watches from a 10 meter tall building, the watches survive with no damage at all. The second principle is that all G-Shock watches are able to withstand a 10-bar water pressure. The Casio ensures that their products are water resistant to 10-bar of water pressure. Therefore, you could bring the watch to go diving, surfing, snorkeling and many other extreme water sports. The last principle is that all G-Shock watches should have enough power to show time for 10 years without any battery replacement. It means you could wear a G-Shock watch for ten years without any battery replacement.

Modern G-Shock

Because of those principles, the g shock mens watches are labeled as the toughest sport watch in the entire planet. You can try yourself to test the G-Shock strength, try to knock, drop, compress, freeze, dip,  and struck the G-Shock. You will see that the watches are very tough and you can expect more when wearing it to your extreme outdoor hobbies and adventures. What is unique from G-Shock Men’s Watches is the design. For over 25 years the G-Shock has no fundamental change in its design. However, there are various new technologies that the Casio engineers have put into G-Shock watches. The new technologies include solar power recharging and the radio control self adjustment.

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