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Buy batik Indonesia with cheap prices is a title of this article. It is all about batik. Batik is a culture that includes fabric dyeing procedures, the use of certain motifs, and high creativity of human creativity. Batik from Indonesia officially defined cultural heritage by UNESCO as "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity" since October 2, 2009. Style and motifs of batik has a very high artistic value. Imagine for 1 sheet measuring 2 meters batik, preparations can be 2 to 3 months. There are some kinds of batik. The types of batik include: writing batik, batik prints, and painted batik.

"In Indonesia, batik popularity has had its tidings. Historically, it was essential for ceremonial costumes and it was worn as part of a kebaya dress, which was commonly worn every day. According to Professor Michael Hitchcock of the University of Chichester (UK), batik "has a strong political dimension. The batik shirt was invented as a formal non-Western shirt for men in Indonesia in the 1960s, not long after the country's birth.[10] It waned from the 1960s onwards, because more and more people chose western clothes as fashionable, decimating the batik industry..." (source)

Some time ago, batik was a matter of contention between Indonesia and Malaysia. Both countries fight over patent rights of batik unesco. Indonesia finally became the holder of the patent rights of batik. As cultural heritage, Indonesia does have a lot of cultural heritage, including batik. Batik is still divided according hometown in Indonesia, There batik solo, Madura batik, Jember batik (with motif tobacco), pekalongan batik, bali batik, batik Papua, and others.

We are very familiar with batik. Batik is the work of the Indonesian community around us. They do it as a job while preserving the culture of our ancestors. We sell single pieces of batik cloth with very cheap, costing less than $ 100. We want the batik can be felt by all people in the world. You want too? please contact us. Because around our many batik craftsmen, we can collect from them and send them all over the world.

At each date of October 2 is celebrated as the day of national batik in Indonesia. On this date a lot of people use batik cloth in the day. Using batik in the office, at school batik uniforms, using batik in the market, and all events are used batik. Batik is very flexible and can be used for all events, even the currently popular among young people called batik ball. This matching batik worn by sports enthusiasts football.

Each sheet batik cloth is made with a size of approximately 2 meters. People buy every piece of batik fabric and then sew it into a shirt modeled clothes they want. So batik can be very flexible for all conditions of dress, I mentioned above there are batik ball, you know there is also a party batik, and batik office for official events. All depends on the model dress. Very flexible.

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