Best Casio Women Watches 2013


By wearing a watch is a great way to improve your fashion style or to reinforce the impression that you are a woman who is very concerned with time, like a saying we often hear that "time is money". And by visiting our website you must take a very precise, because has the best value sales for ladies watches in 2013.

Here is a list of Casio Watches for women with best sales in 2013 should have.

1 . Casio Baby G BGD 140 7BD

Casio Baby G BGD 140 7BDWith a blend of white & pink color and design G-Shock, Casio Baby G BGD 140 7BD looks cute and durable at the same time. Type G-Shock casing offers all the protection you would expect in a watch. And of course also equipped with all the latest technology that Casio is:
- Waterproof to a depth of 200 m
- Shock Resistant
- Various modes with a simple adjustment
- The design has high resistance
- Logo and bezel with resin material
- Price $76

2. Casio Baby G BGA 133 7B

Casio Baby G BGA 133 7BBaby G BGA 133 7B this gorgeous white has all the features you want from a modern Casio watch, but with a sleeker design and G-Shock casing that is resistant to shocks. Casio is a model of analog sport watch that is very appropriate to be used as an accessory during exercise. With a touch of red in the figures and the clock to make reading time easy. Casing, bezel and band made ​​of resin and of course waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. Another unique feature is the five daily alarms, countdown timer, LED lights, full automatic calendar and a very affordable price of $81.

3. Casio Baby G BLX 100 7

Casio Baby G BLX 100 7Casio Baby G BLX 100 7 comes with a casing and a white resin bracelet sports watch for women. This type of design has the durability of this type of G-Shock, but designed with a minimalist white design. With shock resistant, buckle cover tide graphs, world time ( 29 time zones and 48 cities ), Countdown timer, stopwatch, alarm and multi Waterproof to a depth of 200 m makes Baby G BLX 100 7 a favorite among women who love sports activities. Moreover priced quite cheap at around $74.5

4. Casio Baby G BGA 101 7B

Casio Baby G BGA 101 7BThis model has a heart symbol for both the hour markers and digital display window. Figures are decorated with various colors also add to the impression of sweetness. Style and technology are presented together in models BGA 101 7B Baby GG white. Plus supercute bezel makes it loved by many girls. And the final touch is the impression of a cool contrast to the model presented by the solid casing of the line watches Casio G-shock. Other features are:
- Mineral crystal scratch resistant
- Pre programmed auto calendar until 2039
- Countdown/Countdown timer
- Casing/bezel material: Resin/Stainless steel
- Waterproof to a depth of 100 m
- The price of approximately $88.5

Are you a student, athlete, executive employees or housewives, we believe that one of the above models would fit to adorn your wrist. And one more thing, for all customers who have purchased the watches here, we give our gratitude sincerely. Without you all we would not be able to have a list of the best selling women's watches in 2013 and may still be the best in the years that followed.

Best Casio Women Watches 2013

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