Benefits twitter to stop smoking. Can it?


Many people who want to stop smoking quickly. But it was not as easy as turning the hand. There are even people who have never smoked a long time to re-do the unhealthy activity.

According to a study called `Tweet2Quit` conducted by researchers from Stanford University and the University of California-Irvine, people who often tweets easier to stop smoking.

In this study, the researchers formed a group with twenty members communicate with each other via the social networking site Twitter for 100 days. (read also this article, about ISIS in twitter)

Participants were also given a smoking deterrent nicotine patch, automatic daily text messages, and web-based guide. In addition, they were asked to tweet at least once a day on their progress in the effort to stop smoking.

can stop smoking with use twitter

An example of a conversation opener: "What will you do when you feel the urge to smoke?" Citing page Mirror, Monday (09/03/2015), the average of the participants submitted 72 tweets during the first 100 days.

The first group had a rate of 42% achievement of smoking cessation. Over the next 60 days, 42% of them admitted that they were still not smoking. The researchers then send mobile messages and found that both groups had a 75% success rate.

"The environment at Twitter creates a kind of group dynamic. It is very important for social smokers. In addition, the leader of the group naturally arises, facilitating online conversations. The leaders are in fact play an important role in monitoring the group," said one researcher Cornelia Pechmann.

The current invention has been published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research in the United States.

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