Be alert, There are 46,000 Accounts Pro-ISIS on Twitter


Social media is becoming one of the 'vehicle' for the main militant group ISIS to spread its influence widely. In fact, according to research conducted by the Brookings Institute, starting yesterday until the end of 2014, there were approximately 46,000 Twitter account affiliated with ISIS.


Reported by the BBC website on Monday (09/03/2015), the study titled 'The ISIS Twitter Census' was written by JM Berger and supported by IT experts Johnathon Morgan. They tried to prove that social media has a vital contribution in the sector of international propaganda war.

Further presented, from 46,000 pro-ISIS Twitter account, the majority of which are listed as accounts from ISIS territory, including Iraq and Syria. More than 25% of whom were also detected post tweets using the Arabic language.

"The figure of 46,000 is alleged conservative in that time span. Alleged maximum can reach as many as 90,000 accounts," Berger wrote in a report.

Interestingly, the results also mention that the majority of pro-ISIS Twitter account was never quiet fans. Average each account has followers (followers) of more than 1,000 who were also actively disseminate propaganda message tweeted.

According to experts, the jihad movement Aaron Zelin, Twitter is used optimally by ISIS to deploy a variety of information related to their activities to the international public. Twitter is also often used to distribute the issue (viral) terror that aims to undermine the morale of the enemy, or even the economy.

In addition to Twitter, Zelin said that a number of other social media services, such as WhatsApp and Skype is also often used by proponents of ISIS with a different purpose. WhatsApp and Skype reportedly be used for secret missions, such as recruitment or command strategy.

"Recruitment is not done openly on Twitter. Most recruitment occurs through several more personalized service like Kix, WhatsApp, and Skype. What they do on Twitter is to attract public attention," Zelin said.

Twitter's own party reportedly intend to block the entire Twitter account affiliated with ISIS. But Twitter's intentions immediately get a response from ISIS in the form of death threats posted to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and all of its employees.

There has been no further news is blocking pro-ISIS account will be followed by Twitter or not.

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