Apple Watch prohibited in the family of Bill Gates


Watch apple product is a lot of controversy. Even among its competitors, Like how Xiaomi will design new products. Many competing mimic this product, even antipathy towards apple watch. As the emergence of a statement in the family of Bill Gates. How does this family attitude towards industry competitors?

Melinda Gates, wife of Bill Gates was very loyal to her husband. Not only in terms of households live ark, but also in choosing products that use the technology.

When asked how the response related to new product Apple smart watches, Melinda emphatically said, "No, I will never buy it." Not only promised not to buy it, Melinda even also ensure that all family members other Gates will not attempt to use the Apple Watch, especially admire the Apple brand-new product.

"No, no. We only use Microsoft products," said Melinda as quoted from Cnet, Sunday (15/03/2015).

Melinda is known as a tough woman who was behind the success of Bill Gates. Statement of loyalty towards Microsoft's products had previously been expressed in an interview in 2010 ago. And until now it was proven loyalty.

Melinda is also known as the most influential figure on the life choices of Bill Gates who is now devoting himself as a philanthropist. The pair build the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to address the humanitarian crisis in various parts of the world.

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