Apple Watch Gold Only Bought By The Rich Evil


A contemporary artist from San Francisco, United States, named Qinmin Liu threw a controversial statement. He said that people who buy Apple's Watch Edition 18-carat gold plated only rich people are evil.

"If you have or are planning to buy watches Apple plated 18 carat gold, you must be an evil rich," said Liu, as quoted from page SF Gate, Tuesday (24/03/2015).

If you do not want to be called rich people are evil, Liu offers a way out by donating luxury smart watches him.

Liu's own plans to create a work of installation art as a form of protest against the human impact of technology use 50 units of Apple's Watch Edition. "I offer a way out: donate (Apple Watch Edition) on us," said Liu.

Liu hopes to collect 50 Apple Watch it before June 1, 2015. He admitted that there are 27 people who are committed to contribute.

They are 16 people from the US, 8 people from China and the rest are from India, South Korea, and North Korea. People are communicating with Liu and expressed commitment to the service via Google Form.

"As an artist, I see the Apple is a phenomenon and affects many people. When I see a lot of people waiting in line and wait up to 8 hours to get a new Apple product, I see it as an inspiration for the artwork. To be honest I do not care about Apple products, but I am concerned about the motivation, desire and curiosity that affect the actions of a man, "said Liu in his email that was sent to Business Insider.

Liu hopes of celebrities can be involved in his art this time. One of the very expected Liu to participate is Bill Gates.

"I really hope Bill Gates can be contributed to Apple Watch on us. He (Bill Gates) probably is someone who hates Apple Watch than anyone, because they (Microsoft) can not make smart watches. He was also very supportive of the arts," said Liu.

Apple's Watch Edition is a premium series marketed by Apple with the lowest official price starts from US $ 10,000, while the most expensive version is US $ 17,000.

Apple Watch Gold Only Bought By The Rich Evil

Liu was first known as an artist and critic of the technology industry after making installation work protest against social media. At that time he appeared in the Area of the main streets of San Francisco with the entire surface of the body that is attached sticky.

He interprets social media is something that will always stick in our lives such as sticky rice that sticks to the body.

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