8 Advantages of Apple Watch Compared Android SmartWatch


Many people who think that Apple Watch has functions that have previously been offered by the lineup of Android-based smart watches Google's Wear.

Yes, Apple Watch it offers the same basic functionality with Android smart watch Wear such as sending messages, displaying notifications, as well as health tracking features. So what's so special watches debut of Apple's smart?

8 adventages of apple watch

According to Business Insider reported pages, there are 8 advantages of Apple Watch that makes it more special than the Motorola Moto 360, LG G Watch and Wear Other Android smart watch:

1. You can send your heart rate data information to fellow users of Apple Watch
2. In addition to the touch screen navigation, Apple Watch also offers navigation via 'Digital Crown' (play button) on the side.
3. You can draw a sketch and send it to fellow users of Apple Watch.
4. You can add some additional information, such as weather at the interface of Apple Watch.
5. Apple Wacth already supports Apple's digital payment using Pay
6. With Apple Watch, you can reply to SMS messages with voice mail.
7. Special for Apple Watch Premium Edition series, the packaging box also serves as a charger.
8. You can access the entire application from the home screen Apple Watch.

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