7 signs or symptoms of anemia in children


Here are 7 signs of anemia in children. It seems that every parent should know. Imagine if the baby iron deficiency hemoglobin in the body plant in infancy. Of terrible things can happen, one of which is not smooth blood circulation to vulnerable anemia.

You know why anemia is harmful to the baby? Therefore, anemia can affect development in general, even their mental state, quoting from page Boldsky, Tuesday (24/03/2015).

7 sign of anemia at children

Anemia in children occurs due to different reasons, such as blood loss due to injury or illness that ever suffered, less intake of iron, or a failure of the body to absorb iron. So, beware of the seven signs of anemia in the following children:

1. Tired and Weak

Weak oxygen carried by red blood cells or hemoglobin making body does not function perfectly. This can cause the child to become easily tired and weak.

2. Looks Pale Skin

Production or red blood circulation is not smooth will cause the face look more pale than usual. Pale is a fundamental sign of anemic children.

3. Shortness of Breath

Anemia in children indicates that the oxygen carried throughout the body blood thinning. Thus, the oxygen deficiency to be one of the causes of child suffocation.

4. Want to Eat Food Not Normal

Children who want to eat ice, dirt, paint, or starch is usually a sign of anemia are alarming because of a mental condition and behavior in children has been slightly changed.

5. Decrease Appetite

Children who suffer from anemia will find it difficult to enjoy all types of usual activities, especially eating. Their appetite will tend to decline.

6. Easy Infected

Decreased red blood circulation will cause the immune system, too, decreases so do not be surprised if the child susceptible to infection.

7. Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

Conditions caused by anemia, one of which is Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) or a strong desire to move the legs. This will happen more extreme at midnight than during the day.

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