7 day diet plan with fat burning soup recipes


Body fat should be scraped continuously. If not done, then it will lead to overweight or obesity. In fact, the body can become vulnerable to other diseases. In this article, we will describe the 7 day diet plan with fat burning soup recipes. It is famous diet plan or diet program. This 7-day diet program can be used as often as needed. If practiced properly, and run in full, the program will clean the system metabolism and helps improve endurance and body fitness.

This diet is claimed to be able to burn fat and calories than the calories we consume. Thus, the management system in the body will be cleaned of fat. During this diet, we are forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can interfere with efforts to exhaust stacks of fat in the body and interfere with the body's metabolic system.

Digestion of each person is different. Therefore, this diet will give a different effect on each person. After 3 days of this diet, you will feel refreshed and have more energy than before following this diet program.

The food should not be consumed during this diet is bread, rice, alcoholic beverages, carbonated beverages, diet drinks, and all kinds of fried foods. While it may be consumed is white water, black coffee without sugar, tea without sugar, and low-fat milk.

During the 7-day diet program, you will be advised to consume fat-burning soup. For fat-burning soup recipe will be given below. This fat-burning soup can be consumed every feeling hungry. Eat this soup as much as you want and as often as you wish. This soup does not add calories in the body at all. The more soup is consumed, the more fat to be burned.

Fat-burning soup recipe

Fat-burning soup recipe requires the following ingredients:

  • Provide onion 3 to 6 cloves.
  • Provide fresh tomatoes as much as 6 pieces.
  • Provide as much cauliflower 1 stalk.
  • Provide as much green pepper 2 pieces.
  • Prepare broth 500 ml.

Having available the materials needed, then it is time to process the material into a fat-burning soup. How to cook a fat-burning soup is easy. Here's how to cook soup fat burners:

  • Cut vegetables mentioned above in a small size.
  • Enter the broth.
  • Boil for 10 minutes or until tender.

Eat this soup every hungry desired number, and each moment of the day. This fat-burning soup will not add calories in your body. You also can consume skinless chicken boiled or baked to replace meat. Must consume drugs during the diet will not interfere with the diet 7 days.

7 day diet plan fat burning

Here is a 7 day diet program to burn fat in the body:

The first day

On this first day, you can eat all kinds of fruits, except banana. Prioritizing watermelon, because watermelon has a low calorie content lower than other fruits. To give a sense of fullness in the stomach, eat a fat-burning soup and fruits throughout this first day. Consumption of liquor is allowed is tea without sugar, low-fat unsweetened juice, and water.

The second day

On the second day, the recommended consumption is any kind of vegetables, either raw or boiled. Strive to eat green vegetables and avoid vegetable seeds, such as beans, peas, and corn. Eat vegetables along with fat-burning soup. At dinner, treat yourself with boiled potatoes. Eat soup fat burners and do not eat fruit at all on the second day. Read also about dinner, foods to avoided at dinner for optimal fat burning.

The third day

On the third day, combine food the first day and the second day. On the third day, eat a fat-burning soup, fruits, and vegetables. Remember you, fat-burning soup recipe described above?.

The fourth day

On the fourth day, the recommended consumption only bananas and low-fat milk. Bananas are consumed in a day at most 8 pieces. Meanwhile, low-fat milk may be as much as you want. Food and drinks that contain carbohydrates and calories that we need and we will replace the need for sweetness after the first 3 days of this program. Soups fat burners still we consume throughout the fourth day.



The fifth day

On the fifth day, eat the meat with tomatoes. We may also consume fish or meat at most 0.25 kg. However, the meat can be replaced with grilled chicken or fish stew and fresh tomatoes as much as 6 pieces throughout the day. To drink at least 8 glasses of water to cleanse the body. Eat fat-burning soup at least 1 times today.

The sixth day

On the sixth day, the recommended consumption is equal to consumption on the fifth day. But plus vegetables. Consumption of all these foods as you wish. We can even eat 2 to e steak today. Make sure the fat-burning soup remains we consume today.

The seventh day

On the seventh day, eat rice and red rice. You can also add fruit juice without sugar and vegetables on this day. Soups are fat burners remain the main menu in the diet to lose weight this time.

If we follow the program the first day until the seventh day correctly, then on the fourth day, your weight will go down approximately 3 kg. On the seventh day, your weight will go down to 6 kg. If the weight has dropped to 6 kg, stop the program for a period of one to two weeks. During the deadline, you should not eat foods with high fat. We shall return to this diet ideal weight is reached.

By running a disciplined diet and properly, the result will be easily achieved according to your wishes. This is the importance of self-discipline on the perpetrators 7 day diet fat burner this. Before eating a meal, it should also be known how to process food properly so low in fat and cholesterol. If you want to eat the duck meat in your diet program during the breaks, notice also how to remove fat from the duck meat. Thus article 7 day diet plan with fat burning soup recipes. May be useful for you. Do not forget to leave Comments to share experiences. Thank you for reading. đŸ™‚ .

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