5 Reasons Why Your Love is rejected


loveDude man, if you've been rejected by a woman? You may be wondering, after doing so intensive that approach against the woman, but when you declare your love on him, you are actually rejected. "whether my shortcomings? Why I love denied?? "So you joke while your heart-cut slices of pain.

The approach and denial is already a package. It depends on how the way you flirt on the him. And the problem is accepted or rejected by the woman you love her that you like it depends on you.

This way or the System in this time will reveal the secrets 5 reasons why you love is rejected by it. If you hear the direct reason of the woman who rejected you, like for example "I can not thank you .. you are too good for me .." then it's not the real reason. So if you love the real reason is rejected?.

Here are 5 reasons why you love rejected.

You are too good for him. Women love men and want a good figure, but in fact, they are more attracted to men who are challenging, aggressive and full of adventure or we refer to as bad guy. Your fear of being labeled ugly by women you approach, so you play too safe to be a good guy too. That is why the rejection frequently occurs in men who are either included on you. If shortened, the woman did not you approach the turn-on to you.

The reason why you are rejected by a woman that you approach is one of them because you are too much indulgence yourself. Your self indulgence and indulgence attention to women is the first step toward rejection. That's why you love denied and you need to learn about self-indulgence in women.

You are seen chasing him. Women do like to be pursued. But the question is, how many men are chasing him? If many were chasing him, then you have to compete. Chasing women is one of the actions that cause your love is rejected by him. Should you need to learn how to pursue a woman.

Position yourself as a close friend is the best way that your love is rejected by the him. Why do you have to get used to playing into a "brother-sister" with the woman you approach? Obviously you love rejected. Want to know why? Please read the Zone Of Death.

Last reason why your love is rejected by him because you get your hopes up on him. Ngarep taste like inimenyebabkan you look stupid and afraid of losing the woman you approach. This is a common reason why your love is rejected by the him. You need to dig deeper into hope.

Buddy, that's 5 reasons why you love rejected. Now you need to do is fix yourself so as not to be rejected again.

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