5 most expensive in the world iPhone app


Why most expensive apps on the iphone it be interesting? This is because it is very different from what happened in android application. In contrast to the Google Play Store app store for Android that much more to offer free apps, on the Apple App Store users will more often find paid applications.

It is true, the application store for iPhone and iPad that is crammed with rows of paid applications. But if you think the price of US $10 for an application already too expensive, then you would be surprised with the information below.

A number of applications in the Apple App Store platform turns out there that cost hundreds of dollars, in fact there are almost reached US $1,000. You do not believe? Check out his review below:

1. Mobile Cam Viewer (US $349.99)

Applications Mobile Cam Viewer allows you to view and control the security around the area you want. Its function is similar to the CCTV control monitor at a central security building. This application supports the use of webcams with a number of models on the market.

mobile camviewer app in iphone

2. The Alchemist SMS (US $449.99)

When you see the name, surely you think this is an instant messaging application. The answer is wrong. The Alchemist SMS is an application that lists, information, and calculations of chemical reactions necessary to carry out the recycling of metals and steel.

The Alchemist SMS apps

3. DDS GP Yes! (US$ 449.99)

This is an outstanding medical applications, especially for the dentists 'lazy' to use his expertise. DDS GP Yes! can help the dentist to plan a treatment plan to the patient in the form of presentation.


4. CyberTuner (US$ 999.99)

This application is intended for professional musicians. For users who work to produce audio, CyberTuner provide a very complete tool. Although very expensive, the application is widely praised and get a 5 star rating.

cyber tuner apps

5. VIP Black (US $999.99)

Application of luxury for the rich people who love luxury. Yes it is true, this application specifically for those who have a wealth of at least US $ 1 million. This application is integrated with a number of class VIP luxury services, ranging from hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, and much more.

vip black app

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