2014 Watches Trend


A watch on your wrist is an inseparable fashion element. Beside the functions as an in-your-hand clock, watches can beautify your looks and strengthen your appearance. It makes you look sharp, neat and organized.

Following the trend can also be beneficial for you. The trend for watches keep changing every year even though not as fast as fashion changes. Check below trends for watches in this year of 2014.

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Women Watches

Women watches are more dynamics in development and unique in style.  Some of leading Brands like Hublot, Harry Winston, and Buccellati have launched their retro-style and classic watches collection. Apparently, retro classic style is still on demand. Its simplicity and uniqueness are points that make the ladies to pick these ones.

Some other brands made new designs from refined metal with accessories engraved around the strap and clock. Diamond is still one best selected stone as the watch accessories. If you don’t like the diamonds, then rubies, emerald and tourmalines also popular option for the watches. It gives the luxury appearances. Ladies will land their choice on this watch to support their look to be more elegant and classy.

The selection of colors for watches in 2014 is range from bright and saturated colors. The bright colors like Emerald green and saturated one like shades of blue are popular this year. But if you don’t like green or blue, there are still other color options for following trends such as burgundy, red and pink. They are fashionable choice for your consideration.

Men Watches

Almost the same as women watches, classic in retro style is still trend for this year. Apparently it suits with many occasions and professions, which is why many men are still demanding that certain model. Leather or chain strap are still common in use. However, there are some other sophisticated developments on men watch. Techno style, the new style launched by several leading Brands like Dior and Casio dominated the market and make it rose to fame.

Men with profession that required precision or underwater activities would like the products from Hublo watch. It has power reserve until 50 days with cool Ferrari Style. Some watches are also available with weather stations that might be attractive and more useful too.

Interestingly, there are two collections unique the most for this year, watches with its feature to repeat the minute by Jaquet Droz, and watches from Ulysse Nardin with a cool music box. The two models are the latest and simply coolest today, and it will make you consider your purchasing decision.

Watches can be combined with your apparel for a meeting, a date, supporting your appearance to be looking smart and attractive. The models can be easily found. Always consider the materials, details and from your watch considering the durability and various usage of the watch.

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