2012 Summer Olympics and the Dajjal Mascot


All we know about 2012 summer Olympic games, that will officially named by "Games of the XXX Olyimpiad". The Olyimpic 2012 will taking place in London, UK. It's will done from July 27 until August 12, 2012. The women's football will be the fist event for the group stages. On 25 July, over more ten thousand athletes from 204 National Olympic Commitees (NOCs) are expected to follow and participate.

London city, the largest town in United Kingdom, was selected as the host city on July 6, 2005 during the one hundred seventeen IOC session in singapure (south east asia country). London defeating the bids from New york city, Moscow, Paris, and Madrid. That was following a bid headed by former Olympic champion, Mr Lord Coe, adn the then Mayor of London Ken Livingstone. The modern Olympic games have three times, the first at 1908, and in 1948, and this years, London will be next city to officially host the modern Olympic games.

For sustainability of particularly themed towards, London was coming the technician to construction in preparation for the 2012 Olympics games, and they have involved considerable redevelopment. Olympic Park at 200 hectare will be the main focus of this constructions. The Olyimpic park was constructed on a former industrial site at Stratford in the east of this town city, London. The 2012 Olympics games also make use of many venues which were already in place before the bid for long times ago.

The Mascot of 2012 Olympic games
Each party must have multieven sports mascots. London 2012 Olympics featuring figure as a mascot Wenlock and Mandeville's biggest sporting event this year 2012. Wenlock and Mandeville is an animation that shows two drops of steel from the steel industry in Bolton.

Named Wenlock Much by Wenlock city in Shropshire town. While the Mandeville mascot taken from the name of Stoke Mandeville, a village in Buckinghamshire. This village is the predecessor Paralympic Games are held.

Surprisingly, the mascot of the 2012 London Olympics had only one big eye. Is not it a symbol of dajjal? I don't know, you can see by your selfs. If you want to know about dajjal completely, you can read this book about dajjal. Almost all cultures have predicted the coming of the Antichrist symbols (other symbols of dajjal and some associated with it). The symbol of One eye (All-Seeing Eye), other name of Dajjal has existed since thousands of years ago. For example, RA symbols contained and found in the ancient Egyptian artifacts. Since medieval times, the symbols is absorbed in the eye of the symbols of Freemasonry (Secret Society) used in their ritual secrets. In fact, a symbol of the eye is used in various ways now, what including the London Olympics 2012 mascot?

But despite it all, which is very appealing to me than any Olympics is the Olympic spirit, the spirit of champions are very pronounced. Maybe we can enjoy this video, may add to our spirit.

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