10 unique and funny watches


If the previous post I showed you one of the benefits of using a watch, now, I'll show you 10 unique watches ever.

10 unique watches in our opinion:

10. face watches tape.

Funny shape like ancient tape. On the left part of minutes, and on the right is part of the clock.

Cassette Face Watch

9. E-Ink Digital Watch

At first glance, it looks normal hours. Actually, this time saving technology is advanced. These watches are called e-ink because the display screen is like a digital computer.

E-Ink Digital Watch

8. Scientific Weather Forecast Watch

These watches are very sophisticated because it uses technology developed from the barometer and clock. By using air pressure and humidity, this clock can determine the weather. Cool it!.

Scientific Weather Forecast Watch

7. Brookstone Digital Photo Watch

If we feel bored with the background at a so-so alone, This is the only watch that can be altered background, so you do not get bored with the interface clock is only that.

Brookstone Digital Photo Watch

6. uWatch

uWatch is unique watches for multiple functions, which also serves as a calculator. The uWatch equipped with Casio CFX-400 scientific calculator.


5. Skull Candy McGyver Watch

Watches worn in movies like McGyver. This watch comes with a build-in mp3 player, holds 1 GB song file.

Skull Candy McGyver Watch

Well, that's 5 of the most unique watches based on our observation. Furthermore, we will discuss the other five o'clock the next post. thanks