10 Tips for Long-Lasting Cell Phone Battery


While smartphones can serve a variety of functions, start playing games, watching movies, to video recording, battery performance is decreasing and the current modern smartphone battery will not be able to survive a full day.

Smartphone manufacturer is trying hard to improve battery performance. But for now, be prepared to charge your phone's battery every night.

save batery

Here are some tips to save battery:

1. The Power Save Mode

Android and Windows Phone smartphone features include power or battery saving mode, which is generally located in the settings menu (settings). The mode will be activated after the battery reaches a certain level, and will turn off the battery extravagant features such as push email, the intensity of the brightness of the screen and Facebook.

Unfortunately, Apple is not equipped with the features to save power or battery, although available as a free app Battery Life Pro to monitor the performance of the battery and turn off the application.

2. Screen Brightness

The screen is the most wasteful batteries. The bigger and brighter the screen, the greater the battery consumption. Save on behalf of hours of our battery by selecting which mechanically adjusts screen brightness to ambient conditions.

If the battery is running low, the put on show brightness will operate down as low as workable to save battery. Make certainly your auto-lock function, so what time the phone is not in employment, the screen darkens to save battery. Dark wallpaper plus helps conserve battery life.

Do not attach your cell phone to vibrate mode, sufficient Silent (mute) only.

3. Turn off Sync Email

Your cell phone may be checking email every few minutes. Every time it is done, will increase battery consumption. Change the synchronization interval or turn off all email. We suggest checking email every 30 minutes - so you can manually check your email and you'll save battery.

4. Reduce Social Media Updates

Getting a Facebook or Twitter bring up to date notification to your mobile phone (such as move forward email) will drain the battery, so bend sour notifications. Most phones carry out a mark to bend sour notifications with solitary click.

5. Shut down the connection

Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth is on almost all modern mobile phones. If you forget to turn off Wi-Fi when leaving the house, then your phone will continue to search for connections, and spent batteries. Make sure you turn off all connections before exiting the house.

6. Shut down Application

Even if you're not using the application, the possibility of the application is still running, and spent batteries. So turn off applications that do not use. For iPhone press the menu button twice, select the program icon and click the minus button.

For Android smartphones, you can even see which applications consume the most battery. Turn off unneeded.

7. Do not Download Pictures

Downloading images when browsing and using email is a thing that most of us do without thinking. But each time you download your images will also use a lot of power.

8. Shut down Flash

When taking a photo with your smartphone, use flash wisely. In digital cameras, the flash is very wasteful of the battery, and the same applies on your phone, so instead of using the automatic mode, turn off the flash when taking pictures and use as needed.

9. Shut down the phone at Night

Nighttime is the time most people recharge their cell phones, if your battery is full, turn off your phone.

10. Aircraft Mode

Smartphones will always try to connect to a network, whether it's cellular network, Wi-Fi or data network. The harder attempt to connect to a network, the greater the battery is drained.

There is a great way to overcome this, use an airplane mode, when the signal is bad or when you are in the basement. It will stop the phone searching for a signal and save battery life remaining.

If you've been following the tips above, but keep your battery can not last a long time, maybe it is time to consider adding accessories.

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