10 most unique watch part 2


In the article that has past, 10 unique watches we have discussed 6 pieces. Now we will move on, with four other watches. Higher level of uniqueness in all four of these watches. Despite the development of technology, it will probably appear more unique watches others. At least, this information adds to your knowledge about the unique watches ever. Happy reading.


4. Astrodea Celestial Watch

Astrodea Celestial Watch is a cool watch but seem complicated. If you are an expert in the field of geology and meteorology, or hobby in the field of astronomy, this watch will be very useful to you. These watches are able to find precise location of 90% of which are near Earth.

Astrodea Celestial Watch

3. Hidden USB Watch

These watches are equipped with a USB to store important data. It is suitable for you who need storage of important data that can be taken anywhere you are. 4GB storage capacity.

Hidden USB Watch2. GARMIN Forerunner 405

Made especially for sportsmen. These watches are equipped with GPS (global position system) to determine the start and finish when we're running, as well as to know the distance we traveled. Not only that, the watch is also equipped with monitors time, speed running, as well as our heartbeat. These watches are well equipped with WiFi wireless technology, also with a usb cable so that we can transfer our data into the computer, so that the data can be recorded in our run and we watched from day to day.

GARMIN Forerunner 4051. Cellphone Watch

This watch does deserve to be number 1. With existing technology, the clock can also be a phone, even a smart phone with touchscreen. Does not stop there, this clock jg equipped with bluetooth technology and mp3 player.

Cellphone Watch

Those are some unique watches ever. At least have to be unique in his era. Actually there are many more other unique watches. It will continue to evolve in accordance with the development of technology and the digital world watches. Similarly, this article may be useful. Thank you.