10 Best-Selling Brand Laptops in the World


10 Best-Selling Brand Laptops in the World. Right now you're wearing what brand of laptop whether you laptop is in the top 10 best-selling laptop brands in the world?

1. Apple

One of the most reliable brands may be Apple. Laptop made by Apple known as Mac books. It is equipped with innovative features and can be easily distinguished from other brands. Even Apple has been a source of inspiration for other brands. Look wise Apple notebooks are sleek and slick. It is easy to carry due to be light. Performance wise it has a high rating. There are currently three variants available of Macbook: Macbook series, Pro and Air. Compared to other brands Apple notebooks expensive but worth the price.

2. Lenovo

The next most admired brands of laptops Lenovo. It is a Chinese company that has taken the market-based laptops by storm with its innovative products. Lenovo's ThinkPad notebook series have won several awards. IdeaPad laptops are the best-selling book of the company. Lenovo's success lies in its ability to convert customer needs into actual products. Its ThinkPad laptop series has been very successful because of this factor. So if you are looking for reliability, productivity, efficiency, features, safety and looks then you get all this with Lenovo.

3. Alienware

This one is also a fantastic product. It seems solidly built and feel good too. You can have a choice of features depends on how much you want to spend on it. If you are currently using a desktop and want to replace it with something better then the M15x from Alienware can be a good choice. LED lighting system on this laptop is truly unique. The keyboard also has a backlight (LED) which allows the user to type even if there is no light in the room. You can also choose a different type of screen. It has done away with the CD tray and has slots instead of CD.

4. Asus

Next on the list is a series of ASUS Eee Line. It is a Taiwan-based company that offers innovative laptops. ASUS Eee Netbook is very popular because of its affordability. Both models are the best selling 1018P and 1016P. It is a model of energy-efficient Intel Atom N455 processor. Monitor displays clear images and sharp. The battery lasts quite a long time (10 hours plus). This is especially useful if you are working outside the home for hours. Netbooks are also lightweight (2.4 pounds)

5. Sony

It is based on the Japanese brand needs no introduction as it has become a pioneer in introducing several top notch products in the past. Sony has always been known for high quality products. All the products are known, the design of its features and functionality. This shows the power of the brand name and consumers from around the world will vouch for it. Sony launches Vaio laptop with names and these days you have a different laptop with this series. Some of the highest selling models are the W series, TT series, Z series and SR series and so on.

6. Gateway

6th in the list is the Gateway which is a California based company. This is one brand that commands respect in the laptop market today. Notebook Gateway M255-E is the latest product from lightweight yet high on performance. For professionals M255 may be the best option. The previous model of Gateway, M250 has been very successful. M255-E has been given a facelift to provide more benefits than its predecessor.

7. Toshiba

Toshiba is another Japanese based company that is known for high quality products and that includes laptops. Laptops from Toshiba equally renowned for, which looks reliability features, and performance. All models that have been able to meet the different needs of people. Some of the top selling models are the Satellite, Satellite Pro, Tecra and Qosmio, etc.

8. HP

Hewlett Packard or HP in short is also a trusted name in computers around the world. It has been there for a long time. Today HP is a household name throughout the country. different segments of the market is served by a product made by HP. There is a model for everyone. HP Pavilion series laptop has a large customer base. The company also serves large companies in their need for laptops and computers. You are sure to get a HP laptop model that suits your tastes and preferences.

9. Dell

For those who want something really high-end expensive but then there is Dell. Dell makes a laptop suitable for both personal use and for business purposes. These features are perfectly assembled to match every need. One interesting feature of the Dell laptop is that it allows you to customize your laptop. You can choose the processor, operating system and accessories to suit your preferences. You can also customize the design of the laptop you want to buy. Dell Studio series laptops are selling like hot cakes in the market. Some of the most sought after models from Dell's stable is the Inspiron, Studio and Studio XPS, etc.


10. Acer

The last but not the least is the Acer. It is also a major Taiwan-based highly popular among the customers laptop. In recent times Acer has made breakthroughs in many countries including the United States. Acer Aspire One series has been very successful. Acer laptops are known for its affordability. That Ferrari is a high-end laptop from Acer which has become very popular because of its unique features.

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